Moving to Faenza, Italy

The little priming the tip, I am Atte Nikander 24 years old dude from Finland, and currently I live in Italy in Faenza. I volunteer at the Associazione S.E.M.I- Seeds for More Interculture.

All the people are asking about what got you doing volunteering in Italy. I have never been able to answer that question in any sensible way, but while here I have the feeling that life is useless for sitting in familiar circles and doing familiar things day in and day out. So the point is probably that when I heard this stuff for the first time in August, when I was sitting next to a co-worker in that workshop, it could be the next step of makeup, it says but it could take a year, so it decided not to apply.

Trip day 29.11.2019

So, after 2.5 hours of sleep, the biggest elements of the journey were fatigue and enthusiasm for the future. Towards the world, my journey began towards the airport my grandmother had promised to drive me to. After arriving at the airport, my last goodbye and I headed towards bag check-in and security check. My flight departed on time and I had a stopover to Copenhagen. When I got to Copenhagen, I had to wait a little over 5 hours. Fortunately, my flight ticket included a SAS lounge, so I got some food and drink while waiting for another flight to Bologna.

When I arrived in Bologna, I was in front of a baggage pick-up and headed for the bus to the train station to get to Faenza. At the train station in Faenza, Elisa and another people whit dog waiting for me. They took me to the apartment where I would spend my next year. When we got apartment, there was waiting my roommates Danai and Greta, and there was also Raguel, whose volunteer session was coming to an end she was having a party. A lot of people came to the party with whom I could spend time with for the coming year, so I got to meet people shortly after I arrived in Italy.

This is all this point, I will continue write soon as possible for my life in Italy, so this time CIAO, Atte.

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