First week in Italy 1/2

My first weekend started while resting and searching for grocery stores and I found Lidl and went there twice the weekend.

First week in Faenza


Monday morning and I put alarms every 5 minutes so I wouldn’t accidentally sleep on the bomb. That day started with a walk to the Head Office, where I gave all the necessary documents and tickets to Elisa. Me and Rolando left the office towards the center where he showed me places, for example, where you can rent a bicycle, where does the ecobus go, which gives you free access near to Lidl and other useful stuff.
Then the first wonder came at 10.30, I have three hours off before work resumes. Meeri suggested that we use his standard coffee shop for coffee, and then we went for espresso. After drinking coffee, Meeri showed me where to find the nearest store and then headed home. The biggest emotional distress came when I noticed there was no coffee maker in our apartment and I happened to be dragging three packs of coffee from Finland.

As a wise man, I had already bought filter bags from the store and started to make my own coffee maker. The first step is to put the water in a metal jug on a gas stove. The second step is to take a strainer to place the filter bag where the coffee and the last step to drain the water through the filter bag into the coffee cup, the whole process took about 20 minutes and I got one cup of coffee. (the process has already evolved into its next form where the strainer has changed to a funnel)
The evening’s job was Ludoteca which I and Meeri spent 14.45-18. At Ludoteca, our job is largely about crafting and crafting preparing things for the kids and of course play whit the kids. Normally I and Meer have either Mon or Tue at Ludoteca but on my first week we were both there on both days. The decision of the day was to cook pasta bolognese at home and watch Criminal Minds.

I made a Christmas tree for myself on my first day at Ludoteca.


The morning started in much the same way as Monday, but in the morning it was time to brew coffee in the same way as on Monday.
Then at 9:15 I left for the outdoor market where I had a date with Rolando, then as soon as I got there we immediately walked to get me an Italian social number.
When we got the number, we started informing me about the Italian language course. After the rally, we walked back to the square where our roads split, I left home and Rollo headed for Office. At home, I still wondered about the 2-3 h breaks in the middle of the day.
The “evening shift” continued again at Ludoteca where we and Meer were preparing craft activities for the kids. (On Monday, Ludoteca has 7-12 year olds and on Tuesday, 1-6 year olds. On Tuesdays the kids have a mom or dad involved.) Preparing to finish Meer and I took a little nostalgia trip while Ludotecas is quite insane board games, we took a few rounds to guess who play. We left home at 18 and when I got home from my roommate Danai (Greek) took me to get a local internet in my phone, I returned home and a message came in the phone saying that within 48h there would be an internet activity. The evening ended again with the series.


The morning started at nine at the office, the morning akenda was to talk to other volunteers about the feelings and to make / plan their own project. I was scheduled for 12 noon for the baseline Italian language test. At the test, the teacher spoke Italian first and asked if I understood, I said “I didn’t understand anything”. Then next he said a word in Italian and I was supposed to write what I heard, I got 5/6 right there. The last part was to read the text and choose the right answer to the questions, score 3/6 correctly. Then the teacher said we would see you tomorrow morning at 8.30, and I left.

From home to school, another moment of freedom and then 15 towards the second office where Meeri and I were supposed to do blog post, I spent my time designing a blog, because I didn’t have much to write anything, because I had been only in Italy for 5 days. After 17 day is full and I go home. When I got home I ate something and sat for a moment to chat with my roommate after that I went to my room to watch the series and go to sleep.

This was the beginning of my first week and will continue to write about it a little later.
Ciao, Atte.

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