In this section I finish my first working week in Italy.


Morning start at 7 o’clock when the first Italian class started in the morning, the school started at 8.30 and me and Meeri start walk to school 8.00. There a couple of hours went by and I learned a few new words about Italy, but most of the time it was just up to what was being said and what was being done.

I got home from school and ate a couple apples. Relaxed until 14, then began an doposcuola, children are meant to do the homework they have received from school that day. The mission of the volunteers is to help with school subjects, but the problem was that my Italian language skills do not help much other than English. The day ended at 17:40 at doposcuola, and from there we headed to our apartment with Danai.

We had talked during the day that if we went to aperotivos in the evening, I would take a shower and then we would leave. 19 time to walk to Frankies. We drank both drinks and sat on the terrace and talked about everything from earth to sky and got to know more. At the same time it came to light that my phone subscription was still not working and it was already active 48h. Danai promised to go out the next day with me to ask me what the heck was going on. We came home at 21.00.


Friday What a wonderful day to start after 9 in the morning and walk to the office 100 meters closer to planning your own project (not yet found). After that, I downloaded a series of viaplay for 2 hours offline and maybe I was wondering how this blog could get knocked out like never before was good for people to produce content. work from the office ended at 12 and we had an agreement with Danai to go to postofice right 12.

We walked to the postofice, Danai asked the seller something in italian and the woman grabbed my phone and put some codes in the web settings and the pam internet started working. We thanked the seller and headed home for lunch, I eat couple of apples. At 14. towards the doposcuola again, this time there was a different style opening where the kids asked me everything related to Finland and I answered to the best of my ability.


On Saturday I still had 9-12 in Ludoteca, I and Meeri have a working day on Saturdays once a month, and this time it is my time to go working there. 95% of my working time went hand-in-hand with scissors cutting cardboard golden stars for the kids to craft. 12 o’clock and you finally finish the week’s work. When I got home, I was wondering what it would do now when one of the roommates had left for Rome on Saturday and the other didn’t come home from Rome until Monday.

I was reminded of the idea that I could roof a PlayStation application to see if any of my friends play any games. I noticed whit my app that a few of my friends were playing, and I started send messages this guys “Should we play?” Then I started setting up a PlayStation for first time in Italy for game ready. The rest of the weekend was then spent practically playing and watching the series.

It was the rest of my first week in italy. I’ll be back to the blog world as soon as possible.

Ciao, Atte.

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