My time quarantine in Italy and traveling to Finland

First thing first, the last post has been a bit of a time since during the quarantine almost all the mind’s interest in the gaming.

Covid-19 began to limit our work in the last week of february and we were given instructions to stay home and rest. The first and second week passed, quickly and i spent all my time playing playstation and learning some italian.

Weeks passed snd the situation in Italy got worse day by day and the same time I talked to my relatives in Finland and they started talking that “should you Atte come home from there?”. I hadn’t thought at all in the past weeks that I was leaving for Finland because of Corona, but after all the conversation moments, I started to look at my own possibilities to return to Finland.

I started watching flights to Finland. At first I only covered because of the passage of time, but then I started to get suggestions for good flight options when I got to Finland, after which I watched flights more actively already in the hope that I would get to Finland. After a week of watching the flights, I started to despair because a large proportion of the flights were really long Travel time or really expensive. I gave up, I just said to my self ” I’ll stay here.”

Quarantine week 4 coming to an end until an unexpected call arrived from Finland, the call came from my godmother who said she has found flights to Finland from Rome in less than a week. She started booking flights for me and for me to practically get myself to Rome a week later on Sunday 9 a.m. for a departing flight to Berlin.

A week passed and Friday arrived it was time to pack up and clean the apartment, I had bought a hotel in Rome so I left faenza on Saturday morning 7th. I got to the train station where I bought an automatic train ticket, Faenza-Rome, after buying the ticket I encountered a problem with the train not showing the departing light board. The train departure was a 15min train is not visible, then the scene will be police officers who begin to question that what errand I’m moving (in Italy was outside the movement restricted, and the police kept track of outdoor movers) I asked them whether my train coming, they said that it has been canceled, so I was forced to buy a new train ticket to Bologna which departed in 5 minutes.

At Bologna train station I faced more adversity because the train I was supposed to go to Rome was also canceled, then the only option was to buy an express train to Bologna-Rome but the ticket price was 85e. Waiting time I had about 2h for the departure of the express train so I waited with the purchase of the ticket and called people in Finland to buy that super expensive train ticket now. Everyone said I had to get to Rome. Approximately 30minuuttia train output, and I’m buying a ticket vending machine, the machine will give a price 155e and scream in my mind that the industry why not have a valid ticket before. I started to panic to dig a phone out of my pocket to see online how much there was to pay for a train ticket, my relief I saw chapter 74e, I sighed with relief.

I found my way to Rome on Saturday day and set out to navigate towards the hotel, got into the hotel and fell asleep almost immediately as I had supervised the previous night. I slept for a couple of hours and had thought about going to pick up wine as a gift from the grocery store next door, and I had watched online that the store wouldn’t close until 21.30 and I was going there at 20.00, but the store had already closed at 19.00. After disappointment I returned to my hotel room and took a shower and went back to sleep.

Sunday morning 29.3 wake up at 5.00, from the hotel cover I had taken a ride to the airport which left at 6. After a little packing I was ready to leave the hotel, jumped in the car and was on my way to the airport and Finland. When I arrived at the airport, I took my suitcase to bag check and headed for a security check. After the security check, there was still a police check where I had to fulfill the purpose of the trip. I got through well, and headed towards my departure gate on the way I bought a small roll because I hadn’t eaten anything at all for 24h. After waiting a couple of hours I got on a plane, there were only 12 passengers in Rome-Berlin in addition to me.

The flight went smoothly, we landed in Berlin where I had a connecting flight to Helsinki, first I had to wait 8 hours at Berlin airport where all the shops were also closed, so there was no food available. I sat at the airport sometimes listening to music and sometimes watching series, but in the end 8 hours passed faster than expected. Somewhere in my waiting I began to wonder if my flight would be canceled when there were 64 flights on the light board, and 8 flights were only active, but I received a message from Finland that Finnair’s flight from Helsinki to Berlin had left Helsinki so I knew the flight was coming to pick me up.

I got on the flight well and the flight went well too, when I arrived in Helsinki 4 different people asked if I had a ride home and whether I was aware of the quarantine accommodation regulations. I had agreed with my parents that they would pick me up at the airport in two cars and that I would drive another one back to Riihimäki. I was especially excited about driving a car because in Italy I had longed for driving a car because it was one of the things I did practically every day in Finland.

I got to Riihimäki where I was waiting for 2 weeks of quarantine in my friend’s aunt’s detached house, we had arranged an apartment so that my parents could go to work normally. There was really little room for two weeks, mostly playing, watching the series, and over the weekend, we met with friends on our computers and drank alcohol and played drinking games via webcams. I had agreed with the owner of the house that I would do a small surface renovation while living there so I could live there for free, so I also did small renovation chores in the evenings.

Now I’ve had two weeks in quarantine with no symptoms and I have been able to be with my family and my the biggest passion hobby frisbee golfing with a few my friends.

Here was my trip from Italy to Finland in a nutshell, because of the epidemic, “free travel in the European Union” is really difficult for myself, it took me almost 40 hours to travel from Italy to Finland. Under normal circumstances, travel time would be a maximum of 5-6 hours. 7

Thank you and sorry for the long interval in writing.


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