Back in Italy after two months in Finland

How 2 months can go about that fast? I spent two months of my volunteer time in Finland and that time went like wings. When I was in Finland, I imagined that I could rest and spend time with friends, but it would be different if I was not in the woods throwing a fresbee, I was with someone’s small Project.

When i arrived in italy in december i started thinking about all the tasks i can skip while in italy, the first thing i didn’t like was changing car tires, in finland we use different tires in winter than in summer and i had thought i could skip this task. I changed the summer tires for three cars after the end of the quarantine. Another thing that was on my mind was grass cutting, I did it once a week.

Spending a couple of weeks spending time with family and friends. Summer started to come to Finland which meant the start of yard work and the complaining of soil bags to my mother who planted flowers in flower beds.

A few days later I was called to see if I would go out to help my aunt, husband, parents with house roof renovations, and I agreed. We had just been informed that my brother would be able to study to be a builder so he also went to renovate the roof. The distance was 120km from Riihimäki to Pirkkala, we went for a drive in the morning and on the first day we did 9 hours of roofing and stayed with my godmother for the night, where I got to greet my godmother’s cats, especially one of them, Illu, he immediately came to greet the door when he heard my voice.

A week later, the older kitchen renovation began, first with my dad we bit off all the shelves and cabinets in the kitchen, then the roof and finally the floor. A week without a kitchen is a pretty long time … but we survived by grilling outside and making a salad with meat. The new kitchen arrived and we started piling it in place, first all the cabinets with which there were small problems because my parents house is old and over time the walls have gone a bit crooked which affected how we got the cabinets screwed into the wall. We built the kitchen for more than a week because my dad was working at the same time and therefore we only did the kitchen for a few hours a day. The kitchen became fine.

Then it was Finland’s turn to have one of the biggest parties, the Midsummer party. we got the last items of the kitchen in place on Thursday day and there was a 3 day party ahead. My sister and I had invited people to celebrate midsummer and celebrate my birthdays which were a week later but i knew i wasn’t in Finland then so we celebrated them at the same time. My last week in Finland was mainly that I would like to get effortlessly back to Italy and, of course, with friends, family and FrisbeeGolf. The day before I left we spent my birthdays still with relatives and we spent the last moments together for a long time.

I flew back to Italy on my birthday and stayed in Rome for one night to see the sights. The next day I still traveled from Rome to the Faenza and was back at my home.

In between all this I tried to practice Italian as well as do the tasks I got from Italy. Now that I’m back to Italy and I am full of energy to continue my work even more excited.



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