53 days until Sunday November 01 2020

53 days untill end of my project
53 days untill new adventures
53 days untill switch off.

Hello everyone. Im here to write about realization. 
Realization that everything comes to an end eventually.
Today we say a farewell to a fellow volunteer and its starting a countdown to rest of us.
Agreed, some of us only have days and weeks left, so i may be a bit early with this.
I have counted my days since there was 100 days left and it felt like a long time.

There is a lot of lasts coming:
Last pocket money
Last weekly meeting
Last day in ludoteca
Last adventure in italy ( for now)

However there is many many new and exciting things in the future like:
New school or a job
New adventures
New improved me.
New friends and relationships.

Even though i have only limited time left, i will cherish every moment of it.
I have gained so much during my time here.
Sense of purpose
A family

I came here with somewhat vague idea what i wanted to accomplish this year.
Now almost a year later i have a clearer plan for the future.

More about that in the future!

untill next time,

meeri zetterman

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