Another Adventure, Same Life.

Waiting in Madrid…


My name is Gonzalo and i just landed in Faenza for a new adventure on this thing we call life. I’ve landed wanting to do a lot of things and meet new people, so if you don’t have a better plan, I’m available.

I’m passionate about sports and film. I can safely say that these are the passions of my life, together with volunteering. I started volunteering at the age of 15, and I haven’t stopped yet… I don’t even want to stop. I have loaded my backpack with experiences in my city, Ourense, in my community, Galicia and on the continent that stole my heart, Africa. Now I arrive in Faenza to start something new and exciting that I hope will transform me, demand me and teach me.

I landed monday at Bologna Airport. After a flight on a small, crowded plane (covid protocols? What’s that?).  I got on the bus to go to the train station, a train I wouldn’t have found without Elisa’s help, who’s already checked my terrible orientation. Faenza greeted me with a little cold, with the same cold with which I left Galicia, so I felt at home.

These early days are being adaptive and knowledge-aware, so I still feel a little like inside the plane about to land. I’ve started going to the office and I’m starting to meet everybody. I have to say that people are being very friendly and affectionate, which makes everything easier. I  am very happy  to be able to start this project, we keep reading and writing very soon, life goes on. Avanti¡

Un abraccio, Gonzalo.

A big big plane, for coronavirus times…
Faenza Bellisima

Office Time…

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