Plural Mouths!


This time I bring you a publication that I am very excited to share with you. As i said before, I come from Galicia, from the north of Spain. My house, my home, is a very special place. We are a territory with its own language, literature and identity and it is our duty as a people to take care of it and protect it.

But … are we the only ones? No, in Spain we coexist with what many of us call “Historic Nations” and we have our own identity and culture with years of tradition and history. These communities are three: Galicia, the Basque Country and Catalonia.

Capital: Santiago de Compostela  
Provinces: A Coruña, Ourense, Lugo and Pontevedra  
Extension: 29 574,4 km²  
Language: Galego
Population: 2 699 499  
Its own language is Galego, of common origin with Portuguese (both come from the medieval language known as Galego-Portuguese).  
Some words:
Bos días- Good Morning
Boas Noites- Good Night
Moitas grazas – Thank you very much
Ata logo- See you later
Parabéns- Congratulations
Bico- Kiss    
País Vasco  
Capital: Vitoria  
Provinces: Álava, Vitoria and Guipuzcoa  
Extension: 7.234 km²  
Language: Euskera  
Population: 2.184.606  
Basque is one of the few non-Indo-European languages ​​in Europe and the only one in Western Europe together with Hungarian and Hebrew  
Some words:
Egun On- Good Morning 
Gabon – Good Night
Eskerrik asko- Thank you very much
Agur- Goodbye
Zorionak- Congratulations
Musu- Kiss  

Capital: Barcelona  
Provinces: Lleida, Girona, Barcelona and Tarragona  
Extension: 32.114 km²  
Language: Catalá  
Population: 7 467 423      
It is a language that is also spoken in other parts of Spain such as the Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands or Andorra. It descends from the Latin spoken by the Romans who settled in Spain during ancient times
Some words:
Bon dia- Good Morning
Bona nit- Good night
Moltes gràcies- Thank you very much
Adéu- Goodbye
Felicitats – Congratulations
Petó- Kiss    

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