Sports In Faenza

Hello everyone!

Christmas is getting closer and closer and it’s time for great lunches and dinners (although this year respecting the limits and taking care of each other). In order not to fall into the famous Christmas belly and not feel bad about our beautiful bodies, I bring you some of the sports activities that we can do in our fantastic city. We have multiple options, both to do individually or to do in a group!

Running and walking

An activity always in fashion, although this year has had more participants due to the long time we have had to be at home. Faenza has multiple natural resources to practice these activities and fall in love (even more) with its corners and its natural beauty.

Places like the river Lamone or Castel Raniero are fantastic places to move your legs both alone and with someone!

Team sports

Currently team activities have health limitations, however they can be practiced and you will meet new people while taking care of your body and your health (is there a better plan?)


The Faenza Athletic Club “CISA” Wrestling Section is active in the Greco-Roman wrestling. Since 1919 many athletes, even at the Olympic level, have achieved an important number of victories [51]. The company included Ercole Gallegati, Gian Matteo Ranzi and Vincenzo Maenza (Olympic double champion 1984 and 1988), as well as Andrea Minguzzi (Olympic champion 2008) and Daigoro Timoncini (three Olympics: Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016).


The presence of the women’s basketball team, Club Atletico Faenza, was very important for the Faenza competitive sport, which has remained almost continuously at the top of the Italian A1 women’s basketball from the 1951-52 season to today, winning in 2007 and 2009. To date, at the male level, Raggisolaris Faenza, which plays in Serie B.


Handball Romagna, born in 2019 from the merger of Handball Faenza and Romagna Handball (Imola-Mordano) and subsequently Handball Lugo, manages two senior handball teams that play in Serie A2 and Serie B.


In the Club Atletico Faenza Tennis, active since 1927, several national and international champions have grown up on the tennis level, such as Raffaella Reggi and Andrea Gaudenzi.


The ASD Centro Sub Nuoto Club 2000 is a FIN Federal Swimming School at the Municipal Swimming Center of Faenza, active in competitive and amateur aquatic disciplines, swimming and diving in the first place and, since the 2000s, synchronized swimming and water polo; among the titles obtained, 2 Italian Champion titles are highlighted for swimming and 3 World Champion titles and 4 Italian Champion titles for underwater photography [53]. To remember the participation in the 1988 Seoul Olympics of Annalisa Nisiro

Other Sports Associations  

Faenza Calcio 1912 plays in group B of the Emilia-Romagna Excellence.

The city’s athletics club is ASD Atletica 85 Faenza, founded in 1957 and which in 1985 was the subject of the merger between Atletica Faenza and Libertas.  

The Volleyball Faenza club is active in both the men’s and women’s championships in Serie B and Serie B2 respectively. The ASD Reda Volley is active in the Reda area, where the national player Serena Ortolani started her competitive career.  

The New Faenza Baseball club plays in the Italian Federal Serie C Baseball championship.   APD Faventia 1998 plays in group D of Serie B of 5-a-side football (Futsal).  

The Faentina Cycling Society (S.C. Faentina) is the continuator of the activities of the Ciclo Sport Faenza, a company that has organized competitive cycling in the city since 1907.  

An American football team has been present in the city since 2014, called Broncos Faenza AFT since 2019.  

Faenza Rugby is a team active in the Serie C1 Rugby 15-a-side championship.  

The ASD Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo Romagna Sforzesca is one of the main associations for the practice and diffusion of historical fencing in Italy.  

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