Cooking, eating and then… run!

Here in Faenza, we spend a lot of time together with all the volunteers. During the orange zone (zona arancione) we are experiencing in Emilia-Romagna for quite a long time now, and when possible activities are very limited, one could think it’s hard to find things to fill your free time with. However, you never get bored with these people because someone is always up to do something; cooking, having a chat, playing board games, watching a movie (why not Sotto il sole di Riccione – Under the Riccione sun, which is filmed not far from Faenza, in Riccione, by the sea. I also recommend listening to the Italian band Thegiornalisti, who has done the single Riccione played in the movie.)… or going for a run!

Well, there is only one person who has gone running with me and that courageous person is our Spanish volunteer, Javier! He is courageous also in the terms of dressing, always running in just shorts and sweater, no matter the weather or degrees. Something miraculous even for a Finnish girl like me! Anyway, I am very glad about his company. I feel we have almost established a once-a-week run. It is very welcomed to balance the life between cooking and eating amazing food; once we are in Italy, you just have to try everything new, right! 

The streets of Faenza are often narrow and running among bikes and cars don’t really appeal to me, not forgetting the asphalt under your feet, we have opted for a path along the river Lamone, currently a bit wet and muddy but it gives just an extra challenge for running. Spending most of the days in office in the city, it feels great to go for a run and be surrounded by nature, breathe fresh air and move your body. Now that all the other options (swimming pool, gyms etc.) are closed, what could be more useful than doing sports outdoors?

Running or walking is also a good way to explore the environment and different places around the city. Not being able to leave the municipality, we now have a wonderful possibility to get to know every corner of this city. Work hard, play hard, sport hard!

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