Faenza Verde: Parco Bucci

After a few weeks in which I have not been able to write for you, I have returned to tell you about one of my favorite places in this small Italian city (but full of good people) which is Faenza.

Bucci park is one of the most incredible places to get lost and enjoy the local beauty. It is one of my favorite places to reflect and think when I need it (or to go in search of a rabbit)

Surely the main park in Faenza, a green lung par excellence. It stands on what used to be the parade ground (and the name, in Faenza tradition, still survives), used until the early 1900s for military exercises and later, until the 1960s, as a pasture for horses.

It was built in the early 1970s by the Municipality of Faenza with the precious collaboration, at least from a fauna and botanical point of view, by Roberto Bucci, an industrialist from Faenza to whom the park is dedicated, and by the nurseryman and naturalist Cesare Gallegati.

Remarkable extension (over 8 hectares, not a little for those times), richness of the arboreal and shrubby decorative apparatus and the presence of lakes are the elements that most characterize this park. Even with the prevalence of exotic plants – a clear legacy of the 60s fashion – the park already shows some attention to native species and in some points (for example the thick hornbeam spots on the north side, or the micro-groves of oak , center) reveals pioneering insights, attributable to the naturalist Gallegati. The beauty of the groups of plants – especially the holm oaks on the west side of the hill and, for the autumn colors, the ginko biloba and liquidambar on the east – are enhanced by the large lawn extensions. Another dominant element is the water with two lakes connected by a stream, islets, bridges. The introduced fauna is composed of various anatids, also with very interesting species such as the codon and the shelduck. Even more important, however, is the wild bird life, with species that are not very easy to observe – tit, blackcap, regolo, fiorrancino, redstart – but well present in the park and in part also nesting.

The plants currently present (the number may have slight fluctuations) are 1580, of which over 1000 are tall trees; the rest are shrubs.

My personal recommendation is to approach this place in moments with few people, to stop to listen to the natural and green environment that surrounds you and concentrate on your thoughts.

I hope we see you there and that it has encouraged you to a sneaky and relaxing getaway with your inner self.


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