Traditional food from the region

One of the most obvious things to write about in the blog is of course food. But it is a thing that matters and food is a big part of our lives, not just for everyday life surviving but while living abroad you want to discover and try as many new typical piatti, dishes, from the country you are living in. That’s what did for example last weekend in Ferrara.

Cappellacci di zucca

The “pumpkin ravioli” or “pumpkin hats” are some sort of a symbol of Ferrara cuisine. They have an ancient history in the territory: according to some historians the name cappellaccio refers to the shape of the straw hat once used by the Ferrarese peasants, called caplaz, in the romagnolo dialect. Others say that it is Ferrara’s answer to cappelletti, another type of pasta typically from Modena and Bologna (other big cities in the region). Nevertheless this dish is so famous that it has earned the IGP, Indicazione Geografica Protetta (Protected Geographical Indication). The cappellacci are sometimes served al ragù, with tomato-meat sauce, and that is what we tried on our trip to Ferrara.

Cappellacci al ragù

Cappelletti al brodo

Another type of pasta, already mentioned above, is cappelletti, which resembles slightly tortellino, more well known pasta. It is not stuffed with pumpkin but with ricotta or cacio raviggiolo, lemon peel and nutmeg. This pasta is often served in broth, il brodo, and it used to be prepared after Lent, for Christmas and for special occasions only.  It is also called “comfort food”.

Cappelletti in brodo

Piadina romagnola

I have also had the chance to taste a piadina romagnola, which is a cornerstone of the romagnola cuisine. Often with the traditional regional dishes, there is not only one real recipe and version. For piadina, it is the same thing. There are two main types of making the piadina: “romagnolo” version and the one from Rimini. It is basically a thin baked paste folded and stuffed with anything of your taste. I tried my piadina with prosciutto, pecorino and rocket. It was tasty but the paste was a bit dry, I will have to try it again from some other place. And oh, this dish has the IGP as well (it seems that almost all traditional dishes have some kind of label of protection, controlled origin etc…)


And if your nonna romagnola (grandmother from Romagna region) has worked her ass off and prepared some delicious traditional homemade pasta or any other amazing Italian food, she will make you eat it all up by saying in romagnolo dialect: Mâgna sò! And then you have no choice…

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