But … What is Informagiovani?

These last weeks, the European volunteers who work in Informagovani Faenza, have made a video to explain what we do and what we can offer in this association. It is something I have never talked about with you and I would like you to see the incredible work that is done here.

The main fields that informagiovani works on are:

Work: Guidance and help for people who are looking for a job

Training: Courses and learning of different subjects. Very useful in the labor and training field. On the web and in the office, as well as on social networks you will always find information.

Free Time: Activities to do in free time, meeting different people and contexts. A great opportunity to invest your time.

Volunteering: Certainly something without which I could not be writing this. In informagiovani you will find volunteer projects that adapt to you and that will enrich you.

The team working hard in one of our activities

All this, accompanied by a fantastic group, which strives to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city and the province. The informagiovani community is restless and proactive people who seek, with their work, to improve their environment and contribute socially, something that this society needs now more than ever.

Video link: https://youtu.be/cj8Wq0_oOVU
web link: http://www.informagiovanifaenza.it/

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