Volunteering or the famous navel syndrome

The academy of the Spanish language defines Volunteering as the "set of activities of general interest developed with a free and supportive character"
The definition is technical yes, but because you are an intelligent person you have understood it. My experience in this field is that there are two kinds of people in this world, and if I'm feeling generous, maybe three. Those who want to understand and those who do not (the third are those who do not understand no matter how much you explain it, but you are a person not a babysitter).
My intense, and not brief, relationship with volunteering has led me to meet people of all kinds, and above all it has helped me to get to know myself. It's easy to talk about me, I suffer from rampant narcissism mixed with anxiety, insecurity and a doggy mood in the morning, as well as a chronic inability to understand actions of certain human beings that I would probably put in a Siberian gulaj of communist Russia. What volunteering has taught me is to get to know the insides of others better, to understand that here we are all weathering the storm and that the vast majority live doing the best they can. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but if after one day another comes, then go ahead.
Volunteering is, in my opinion, the field of multidirectional generosity. You give me, I give you. No, it's not like sex in this case, calm down. The "You give me" is important to put it first, my personal balance tells me that if you are not willing to receive first, you have screwed up. An act of generosity that only goes in the direction of giving becomes an act of charity, and charity is something, in my opinion, that we have set on our heads to feel good, but volunteering is something else. The "I give you" must be tiny, and let me explain. The action is for the one who receives it, the field of volunteering is a good opportunity to work in the shadows, not everyone has to find out what you have done today or what you do every day, quite a driver of change incorruptible is discretion and therefore humility.
In my life I have met characters of all kinds. There are people who are unable to live without their degree of importance, without their "look at me, I'm saving the world." It is not necessary that they are important things, there are people who organize activities for children and in the end the result is a good massage to their personal ego, what I call, “the protagonists”. We have already seen you champion, we know you love yourself, that's good, but not too much. I have met fantastic people, and I am meeting them, people who would never imagine the things they do, basically because they don't teach them to you, and because you don't have to find out.
For me, the key to all this is what some have defined as the "low profile." In more biblical words, "let your left hand not know what your right is doing." One has to go straight and proud, of course, but not with an orchestra. What I have learned is that you are more useful working from silence than with a megaphone to your chest (also, it depends on where you are, if you carry a megaphone in certain places you will still get shot). There will be days of despair, it is evident, there will be days when you want to kill someone, obviously, but stop, life is not going to stop and we need you. Sometimes taking refuge in the pause and in the silence will allow you to see things more closely and realize how small.
The famous "Navel Syndrome" is one that does not allow you to see people beyond their great, special and important being. I will always be on the team to love each other, but never on the team to love each other in an essential way. In this sense, Volunteering is a world to be attentive to. We fall, and we all fall many times in considering ourselves important for the task we are doing. In some way we are, there are hands that are the warmth of a project or an objective, however, the warmth has to be transmitted, it should not be an energy that arises from a point, we speak of a mobile energy, which is transported, if you keep the light for yourself, it will not reach the rest of the rooms of the house.
Yes, there are various organizations, movements, philosophies. There are interests and commitments, each one decides his own. While despair and doubts about how useful you are being will always appear, you also have the scale of impact in front of you. My experience, go in order, do not run. Pretending to change the world starting on a Friday and ending on a Sunday will lead you to hit a wall. Do your thing, little by little, look for your site, do not give importance to the "type" of action, give importance to the "type" of person that the action makes you be.
In short, what I have learned is a cocktail. It's a difficult cocktail, even I don't always keep it, let's be serious. It is easy to write that the formula can be Humility + Work + Silence and stay so calm, it is great, you have made a coaching speech as great as it is useless. What I mean is that at the end of all the Volunteering is like love (wow, Paulo Coelho). Making a more concrete and less ridiculous parallel: If you are willing to volunteer from discretion, from not feeling important, where you have the attitude of receiving above the always inexhaustible vocation of giving, you will learn to love, and you're going to love very well. There is no human action that is worth as much as loving, and as a consequence of this action the arrows will move in both directions, in life, in volunteering and in love. It's not going to be perfect, we're all going to fail, many times, and that's not bad. If I leave life considering that I have done everything well, I have a problem, if I finish my volunteering considering that I have done everything well, I have a drama. Go proud of your learnings, failures and lessons. Love without fear, give and receive without apparent reward. The prize is to live it all, the reward will come one day, or it may never come, but you have lived, you have loved, you have been a volunteer, here, there, with someone and with you.
I keep learning to be a volunteer, and I keep learning to love, and at the moment there is not a day that does not consider me a bit of an asshole, and nothing happens, tomorrow is another day, it is another opportunity. I will volunteer and be loved, and I will never miss the opportunity to love better.
PS: Maybe it is not the most concrete post in history, and maybe not all the concepts are clear, but it is also volunteering and loving when you try to write something that is important to you with a person who does not stop talking. VERY HIGH for all the hour you have to write this.
A hug, volunteers from all over

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