Mappa emotiva – Participate in the making of an emotional map of Faenza

Last December InformaGiovani Faenza (the place where we volunteers, Gonzalo and Laura, work!) came up with an idea of a map called “Mappa emotiva”, an emotional map. The project was well received and has now seen the daylight with an aim to create an emotional map of the city of Faenza and its surroundings. The map will soon  be realized thanks to a synergistic work with the involvement of associations and cultural realities of the territory, of the ITIP Bucci and ITS Oriani high schools and local and international volunteers. The map also aims to become part of the broader European network dedicated to maps and guides for young travelers “USE.IT”.

During the past month, in the process of ‘co-construction’ of the map we have published and disseminated a questionnaire in which people were asked to express their preferences regarding the places in the area and the emotions associated with them. We have got a lot of data from the questionnaires and we would now like to share some of it.

First of all, most of the responses came from young people residing in the most populous city of the Union, Faenza, where most of the places were reported as well. Another important fact is the recurrence of numerous places belonging to the ‘green’ and ‘sport’ vein (almost three quarters), as well as reports involving spots and locations in the hills, parks and landscapes of the Faenza area. This could be seen as a probable reflection of the limitations of this last period that has led to the rediscovery of the green places of our territory for many people. The positive involvement of high schools then becomes evident when it comes to the number of responses and age groups: those between 14 and 18 years old occupy half of the total answers, followed by the category of 19-24 years old and finally the group of age of 25-35.

In this original project our objective is naturally to improve the knowledge of the opportunities offered by the territory, but also to discover local places through the emotions related to them. Besides this, it is possible to recognize a clear tendency in the responses: the desire to return to normality. In fact, when asked people to associate an emotion or a sensation with the chosen place, 64% of people chose ‘freedom’. With this last figure we hope that there will soon be the opportunity to return to enjoy the opportunities that these places offer us. 

We also invite those who want to participate to the project to do so and express their opinion by filling out the questionnaire here or on the page of Informagiovani Faenza and of course to follow the progress of the project on the dedicated social pages (@mappaemotivaromagnafaentina).

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