Red zone suggestions

Serious times going on here in Emilia-Romagna; we had some drama on a regional level! Last Friday the 5th of March everyone was nervous about if the region was going to turn from dark orange to red or not. The numbers regarding covid patients were not going down, that is to say, so we didn’t have high hopes for going to the other direction. When the news finally came, everyone was confused: we are going to stay in orange zone! The happiness was overwhelming. Until a few hours later, the bomb fell. Even though the government of Italy was favorable for us to stay orange, the head of the region said it would be better if we became red. And there we go again…

So now, in lockdown, we need to come up with something to do and entertain us without going out or seing other people. All our language exchanges are in lockdown as well so the possibilities to practice Italian are very limited. Luckily, there is Netflix, the savior of all times! And nowadays, there is a bunch of actually well made Italian series and films (and of course the B-class series as well which are, nevertheless, very entertaining)! Listening to Italian combined with Italian subtitles, now there is some good practice, an intensive course of Italian with even meeting people in person! Here are some tips for something to watch:

Best Italian series on Netflix so far in my opinion: Il processo – The trial (2019) by Alessandro Fabbri

This is a mix of a law and police series with great suspense. A girl has been murdered and the investigation is given to the public prosecutor who is actually linked to the victim and at the same time the defense lawyer is trying to create this a career-making case. Not wanting to spoil too much, I can only say that the series is worth looking for even just because of the scenery – it is filmed in Mantova – and the I’m not talking only about landscape but also the actors. Waiting for the season 2 which is planned to be released sometime in autumn 2021…

Something lighter: Summertime (2020) by Mirko Cetrangolo and Anita Rivaroli

This teenage romantic drama series makes you long for a romantic holiday in Italy. Another thing worth mentioning is the soundtrack of this series. In every episode, there was at least one song I had to shazam and of course, now my playlist is full of contemporary Italian pop and rap music (a good way to learn Italian as well!). As someone has criticized the series, the acting is as bad as the script, and you should only watch it because of the music beautiful seaside at the Adriatic coast. The choice is yours!

A true story: L’incredibile storia dell’Isola delle Rose – Rose Island (2020) by Sidney Sibilia

This is a true story about an Italian engineer, Giorgio Rosa, back in the 60’s who had a magnificent idea to concretely build an artificial island a few miles away from the Italian coastline (Rimini) on the international waters and therefore create an independent state. The Italian government didn’t obviously approve the project: the declaration of a new nation and “illegal” parties on sea resulting to “dangerous tourism” were to much and as an attempt to defend his project, a free state, Giorgio Rosa even took the case to the European court. Finally, the island had a tragic end and it was destroyed by the army. (The Italian government even made Rosa to pay for the eradication!) This is such an incredible story and hard to believe it actually happened, that I just had to watch it!

Even though you, dear reader, are not in lockdown (I really hope you aren’t), I hope you can enjoy these picks from the amazing Italian audiovisual world!

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