New season coming

Buon venerdì a tutti! – I salute you all on this great Friday! – Hassunhauskaa perjantaita kaikille!

Yes, we have all been waiting for the summer, the season of our lives! And it seems that it has finally arrived in Faenza. The cold and humid winter days are over. According to what I heard from the locals, usually the good weather arrives a bit earlier than it did this year, but I guess that is just my luck. It happened also when I was living in France; I am cursed to spend crappy springs abroad… But at least now I have been able to go to the beach at Cesenatico and even better: to a river! Last Wednesday we celebrated the Festa della Repubblica and it also meant a day off from our duties. Thanks to this, we headed to Cascata di Moraduccio at the border of the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Toscana. It is an amazing waterfall by the river Santerno. We were sunbathing, swimming in the clear watered and really refreshing river, observing fish, picnicing and and just contemplating life. A perfect escape from the city we were trapped in for so long!

And when mentioning the new season, I am not talking just about the weather! In our volunteering world, some of the winter activities have ended, for example the doposcuola, after-school class where some of us were helping kids with homework and playing with them. This obviously, because the school year finishes today! Instead there will be summer camps and other summery outdoor activities. Teatro Due Mondi has also opened its doors and the rehearsal of the spectacle Free ZAKI is well under way. You can come to see the demonstration tomorrow on Saturday 5th June at the Piazza del Popolo at 18!



  hours  minutes  seconds


Free Zaki demonstration

The season is changing also in our social life because we will soon have two new volunteers here in Faenza. Tomorrow our new Greek friend Kyriakos, who will be volunteering for SE.M.I. and work as a partner for Györgyi, will finally arrive. He started online (like I once did) one month ago and I can very well imagine the excitement about meeting us all after seeing just faces on the laptop screen. Here you can read about his thoughts about starting this new experience. The second volunteer is a Spanish girl, Andrea who will be working in PiGreco with our French Baguette Mathilde. The date of her arrival is still a mystery (at least for me) but likewise, we have already met online. 

Some of Kyriakos work related to SEMI communication.

This season meant as well the World Championship of Ice Hockey 2021 which is now being played in Riga, Latvia. As a Finnish person, this is an event that you simply cannot miss. It is like football for Italians or baseball for Americans. And this year so far, Finland is doing really well in the tournament (as always…). While trying to entertain Kyriakos tomorrow during his first day in Faenza, I will have to check on the semifinal game, at least in the corner of my eye… I hope he will forgive me.

Sometimes the internet connection is better outside the house, so I was obliged to not stay on the couch while watching hockey... I also transferred my passion for hockey to my partner-in-trouble, THE Hungarian, Györgyi, as you can see in the picture.

The new seasons also means less Covid-restirctions but who wants to read about them anyway.. Let’s just all enjoy about these cambiamenti, in a responsible way of course. Have a nice June – Vi auguro un giugno soleggiato!

We try to be as local as possible (with bruschetta and wine), and eating in the sun, now that it is the season.

P.s. Fun fact about Finland: If I was a Finnish student, I would already be on summer holiday and enjoying the Finnish summer (i.e. 16 degrees, rain and BBQ. I did this for 14 years…)

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