The Human Factor

The year 2021 has almost arrived in July, with all that that means. After a few long months of pandemic, of televisions and newspaper articles that have uncovered all kinds of events, one cannot help but look with astonishment at how those of us who populate the earth, being in unequal conditions, have lived in line with our needs.

At this moment, while Erdogan, Sanchez, Mitsotakis, Draghi, close ranks for not letting welcome those who are clearly victims of genocides and wars and the European union turns a deaf ear, not only to anti-human rights policies (like Orbán, paying articles in European newspapers to advertise his anti LGTB+ garbage) but also to an unsustainable economic and political situation (Macron, continuing in his pro-colonialist and “liberal” wake), some clamor and celebrate the end of pandemic restrictions by associating them as a hymn to freedom (the freedom to have a beer on a terrace is a social victory that all oppressed European collectives undoubtedly celebrate).

Our friend Macron receiveng caring

We are living in a confused world, white and western Europe boasts of a non-existent paradise, in which victory does not consist in remaining faithful to what one is but to what one is expected to be.the youth is rebelling, even if the media insist on covering up and selling the bulk of young people involved, anyone who has their face in and is interested in social movements knows that this is an important moment for those who want to have a voice. We may never have had the opportunity to have so many loudspeakers (censurable it is true for money and influence) and we may not have seen so many youth willing to do things not only for their own freedom, but for the freedom of others.We must not fall into the trap of ostracism, that is the human factor, ignoring a reality was always easier than trying to understand it. We have the greatest example in the affective.

Spain: Paella, Toros, “Olé” (Except if you are from some continent, you find a wall in that case)

We have such a momumental message towards individualism nowadays, that turning our backs on asking and understanding is much easier, because the opposite implies time, time that the human factor has always escaped: Why should I invest time in knowing the reality of someone who travels a thousand kilometers to start a new life, why should I invest time in understanding that there are different ways of loving or being attracted to different sexes, why should I try to understand that it is perfectly reasonable to break with genders and pre-established identities, why should I confront my vision of what defines me and my environment, why should I try to understand that it is perfectly reasonable to break with genders and pre-established identities, why should I confront my vision of what defines me and defines my environment? Why is what I need now not important if I have been told by society to fight for myself?

A Human

We have different answers to these questions, and religious and political perspectives blur paths of prospection and reflection and the human factor drives the foolishness of escaping from a reality that needs to be thought about.the writer thinks that one is in this life to be what his values and principles guide him, and the writer, after a few months in Italy on a European project, has found a similar human factor in various parts of the planet. In Ourense, in Kampala, in Youndé, in Rivadavia, in Faenza, the human factor tips the balance towards our weaknesses, it makes us weak yes, but it makes us doubt too, if we cultivate it with the critical spirit of experience.What we know as “Europe” will die, it is inevitable, in the same way that the Roman Empire fell, this empire is heading towards its own end.What will the human factor say? That we are the same as always, but that in the individual restlessness an answer will grow, and that if in the midst of all the collective empires of the collective, a daisy emerges ready to water itself, the human factor, that’s for sure, will continue to fight with itself for different answers. One Europe will die to see another, in the same way that the human beings of today look face to face with those of yesterday and those of tomorrow, because without the human factor there is no future, without weakness, without the uncertainty of darkness, there is no first glimmer of clarity.

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