When you realize that everything comes to an end

Ciao a tutti!

Content warning!!! This blog post contains some cheesy text, memories and nostalgia. Because: Our Volunthearts family is falling apart. A natural death obviously, but it is still sad. The first of us to leave is Györgyi. Scheduled departure the 11th of September. Although communication between us from the other side in this case will be possible, it will not be the same thing as to live with that person in the same apartment. The person who has become my best friend in Italy will disappear and I am going to miss her so much. I will miss the giggling to hilarious Instagram reels together on my bed, the deep late-night-conversations, the amazing better-than-Italian-nonna-made bruschettas, the unbeatable cleaning skills, the motherly caretaking of all of us, the artistic and visual eye always finding the best composition for photos, Canva-posters and Instagram stories, the willingness to have aperitivo anytime, the precious company while travelling throughout Italy. I mean the list just goes on and I cannot put it all down here. But instead, let’s have a quick look into our common journey from January 2021 till now in pictures to see what we experienced together:

We explored the nature, history and culture around Faenza with friends.

We partied hard.

We wondered how the f*** did we came to work in a museum (the municipality).
Project: “Mappa emotiva di Faenza”

We had several inexplicable Italian experiences eating heavenly food at Angelo, lo chef.
I.a. Tagliatelle al tartufo.

We crossed the border to another region as soon it was possible after the restrictions were dissolved and did a 40km hike in Parco Naturale Monte San Bartolo.

Obviously, we also had to go the eternal city; the capital; the place where money and power is.
From there, it only exists one way, senso unico, and it is up.

Since we are folk relatives with Györgyi (Finland – Hungary), she had to support me in international sports.
Ice Hockey World Championship 2021
Btw. Why am I watching this outside on a laptop? Because the church 3 meters away from our house blocks the internet connection.

We were on holiday in Puglia.

We ate some 26 years old Aceto balsamico tradizionale di Modena for 2 euros. While visiting Modena.

We were in charge of the cultural visit for the training course that SE.M.I. organized.
Grazie a Teatro Masini!

We had a romantic picnic in Rione Verde’s courtyard.
Rione Verde = the most frequented bar by the vounteers this year.

We saw some exotic kiwi trees. We learned that they grow in trees. We learned that the season of kiwis in Italy is in late September-October. It is when Gyögryi will not be here anymore.

You all know that at this point I am already crying and the writing becomes impossible. We have laughed, cried, eaten, travelled, slept, sang, fought, worked, sunbathed, plotted, been in lockdown and broken it, been drunk and hungover, hiked 40 km and saved a pizza from under the oven.  I want to thank Györgyi for being you and for having been here. I will just say that volunteering around Europe and the whole world has been an amazing experience and it is an excellent way to meet new people, even for a bit shy and introverted persons like me. Go explore the world and come back with a lot of memories! 

Next in line are: Kyriakos (the Greek God), Mathilde (la French baguette), Andrea (che calor Spanish) and Gonzalo (the hardworking humanitarian Galician).

See you in the after world: Hasta la vista!

Yours truly,
Laura, the one who stays

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