Does Faenza pass the spooky vibe check?

Hello, my little pumpkins! Or were you all Dahmers for Halloween?


Yes, I did move here from Latvia so that I could skip the cold, gloomy and depressing weather, a.k.a. November – February, but one thing I was really worried about was – will the exotic Italy have what it takes to create the Halloween vibe I’m so used to? Will I finally… miss my country?

Let’s see what were the Halloween ingredients for me in my country (ofc I made a list):

  1. the weather: streets paved by fallen leaves, naked trees, rain and spooky wind, dark afternoons, glitching lights;
  2. Halloween decorations: shops and cafes putting up Halloween-related things; special offers e.g. Halloween latte; decorating my own house (e.g. with paper ghosts);
  3. watching horror movies with snacks;
  4. costumes: I usually dress up for fun with my sisters or for the students that I am teaching.

Did Italy pass? Let’s see.

  1. The weather:

Streets also paved by fallen leaves, trees not so leafless yet, but they’re getting there; not that rainy but the wind makes the weather spookier, especially during the dark evenings. Glitching lights could be equivalent to the poor street lighting, which is often non-existent on pavements.

2. Halloween decorations:

So, first of all – I went on a pumpkin hunt to see how many pumpkins I could find if I paid more attention. Result – Italians do love their pumpkins (also in their pasta) and now I can’t unsee pumpkins anymore.

Some examples:

I did not decorate my house this year, but rather tried catching the feeling outside of home. Hence, I saw some cool decorations at a party (stay tuned, more pictures later) and drank a bloody cocktail in Botanico. Oh, and found this cool Halloween corner in a book shop in Florence. Does it count? Based on how many times people think I am saying Firenze not Faenza, let’s say yes.

3. Watching horror movies with snacks: 50/50 (not the usual experience)

As this year I am working really hard as a volunteer, I do not really have time for movies, but I did watch ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022)’ the new Netflix TV series. I mostly watched it during meal times, so here are some examples of healthy home-cooked Halloweeny foods:

And some cool Halloween snacks I found in supermarkets (Conad and Lidl) and ate on separate occasions. Extra point for the variety.

4. Costumes: ✅✅✅

This gets 10/10 as not only I wore a costume but also showed it off in a party. Thank you Italy for making the 1st of November a holiday! (we don’t have that in Latvia)

So what are they celebrating?

‘The celebration of all the saints is followed on Wednesday 2 November by All Souls’ Day, a Catholic tradition of mourning the dearly departed.’

‘In Italy this is a particularly important day, when people gather to visit family graves.’ (wantedinrome)

But it’s not only in Italy.

So it’s a holiday also in Lithuania. And in Estonia ‘the All Saints public holiday was moved from a fixed date of 1 November to a public holiday on the Saturday during the period between 31 October and 6 November.’ Nice, I feel deprived.

So because the next day was free, we were up for a Halloween party. And look – Kairos was organizing one in the city center! We ate the tortillas and got ready. This is what passers-by saw (plus a witch and me in fishnets) (thankfully it was still warm):

Costumes 2022:

From the left: a free independent woman (a bit possessed in this photo), Barbie Business (me, of course, but a bit crazy like she might kill you for a good deal), a witch and the Ugly Stepsister from Shrek.
The DJs
The two blondes posing in the mysterious Halloween mist and…
…stealing Andrew Tate’s cigar.

So, what’s the verdict? Looks like it’s quite possible to have a very spooky Halloween in Faenza, Italy. Autumn starts here a bit later, lacking the cold temperatures, but, as I hate the cold, that even works in favor of this beautiful place. Also, did not quite have the scary movie+snacks combo, yet I had better things to do. And I did enjoy the carrots, okay?

Therefore, for everyone who is worried about not getting some festive feelings just because they are far away from home, i can say – you can always find the things you are looking for, if you pay enough attention and make the most of it.

I am still seeing pumpkins.


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