Am I… an influencer?

While I am setting the mood by listening to a Spotify playlist called Influencer 2.0 and waiting for my coffee to cool down on the floor of Casa Europa, I first have to find out what the term actually defines and whether I can legally be called… AN INFLUENCER (*thunder sounds)

Using @collinsdictionary as a source, as it does offer a more lengthy definition, I come to the conclusion that:

  1. I do use social media to promote lifestyle choices to my followers (more on my Insta stories but ok)
  2. I have been offered products to promote, yet I usually choose to promote random things I like without the payment (which brings us to storytime →)
  3. looks like I qualify (?)

So why am I even doing this article in the first place? Well,

  1. the name seems to follow me here since day one, as I keep mentioning that I love social media and I do already have an audience;
  2. now that I am working on two new projects as a volunteer (Reporters and Mappa Emotiva), they keep introducing me as a social media expert and lately, as an influencer (which is still funny to me);
  3. I have been getting in very surreal situations lately, which do look like an influencer lifestyle, so now everyone is convinced that I am one. And I think I am getting there as well.

This is one example.

A lucky coincidence that the salon was trying out their colors the very exact day and looking for blondes? Or maybe that we didn’t go to Parco Bucci as our last destination for the day but I suggested going to a closer place, not even knowing that it was a hair salon? Or maybe that we decided to enter the salon all together after the first pictures turned out too dark and Cecilia used her extrovert skills and started making friends with the hairdresser? 

Who knows. All I remember is sitting in the pink Sharpay robe, a team of Italian hairdressers working on my hair and texting my boss that I might work remotely that day. That’s the closest I’ve gotten to an influencer lifestyle. Except maybe yesterday, when I got offered a bag full of designer clothes. But that is a story for another day.



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