Personal project – poetry reading event

Hi! Are you into poetry? Reading? Peace? Then you are in the right place or could be there really soon.

  • This Friday, September 9, 2022.
  • At Frankie.
  • 18:00
  • Bring and be ready to read a poem/poems in any language about the topic of peace (not your own poems)

For the ones craving extra info, this is the press release featuring my comments:

On September 9, 2022 at 19.00 Latvian time (18:00 Italian time) at railway stations, bus stops, boat docks and maybe even airports in many parts of the world, the annual Poetry Day event “Heart on the platform” (LV – Sirds uz perona) will take place. It started 12 years ago at the station “Tukums 1” (in Latvia, 2nd closest train station to my hometown) and has grown into an ambitious and popular Poetry Day event. The magic in this event is that poetry is not read by poets, but the participants themselves. In addition, it will happen in all the places at the same time! The network of tracks and roads is like a unifying bond which each participant will get to experience, feel connected to the whole world. Random passers-by can also become participants.

This year’s motto ‘Ticked with a golden thread'(LV – “Biļete ar zelta viju”) was born from a Latvian folk song “Vij, Dieviņi, zelta viju!”.
This year’s campaign is dedicated to Ukraine, peace in the world and in oneself. Let’s wrap the globe with the golden thread of poetry, with words of power. Symbolically and emotionally, it will be similar to the action “The Baltic Way” in 1989.

For the 3rd year, the campaign will cover the entire globe. We will stream the event on several platforms:, and

We will start streaming in real time from the station “Tukums 1”, where the readings will be opened by Yasushi Takase, the Ambassador of Japan in Latvia. Next, we will connect to several places in Latvia, Europe, and others continents, including Australia and America.

This year’s innovation – stations/countries will hand over a special traveling symbol to each other live on Zoom. (yes, we are going live for 2 min around 19:15 – be ready to look excited and happy)

Organized by “Tukums Writers’ Association” (Tukuma Literātu apvienība)
Project leader and author of the idea – Guna Roze-Tamule

Organized in Faenza by me – Maija Laugale

If you have any questions, you can contact me through Instagram

See you there, my peaceful souls!


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